The secret of our meat

The best meat can be identified from its marbling, the distribution of fat in the muscle tissue indicates the quality of the cut and the health of the animal. These small infiltrations, reminiscent of marble veins, melt during cooking and make it more tasty, fragrant and tender.

High-quality meat
from a controlled
supply chain

In addition to the meat from our farm in Basilicata and the Manzetta dei Laghi Selezione Bifulco, we choose the best heads of cattle from Podolica, Chianina, Marchigiana, Wagyū and Italian Angus. Cattle from a controlled supply chain and with traceability codes for breeding conducted in compliance with animal welfare. We also choose the best pork and sheep meat as well as chicken and turkey from organic farms.

the Bifulco
maturation process

The process of “maturation according to Luciano”, is a dry-aging maturation at a controlled temperature with forced ventilation in special cold rooms from +2° to 4° which can last up to 250 days. This delicate process improves the structure and consistency of the meat which gains more flavour, greater digestibility and a wider aromatic profile with smoky notes.

Luciano Bifulco Selector and Refiner

We work and distribute all types of high-quality meat. The best meat, whether from our farm or from controlled and certified farms, where the animals follow a proper diet, receives the Luciano Bifulco seal – Selector and Refiner. A stamp that we use on all Bifulco branded products.